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Arising the immune protection of the children drowned in Thailand
  1. S Ekchaloemkiet*,
  2. S Gerdmongkolgan,
  3. T Siriphanich
  1. Correspondence Department of Disease Control, Bureau of Non-Communicable Disease, Ministry of Public Health, Tivanon Road, Nonthaburi, 11000, Thailand


Rationale and background Drowning is the leading cause of child mortality among Thai children under the age of 15 years old, with about 1500 children drowning each year. The children can swim was measured the immunisation of the anti-drowned children.

Objective To drive Thai children to arose drowned immune protection.

Methodology The study involved a comparison of two different swimming programmes with general swimming and survival swimming course. From the evaluation it was found that the group who studies the survival swimming course had more survival and rescuing skill than other group significant statistically. However, the significance of driving strategic plan was the participation of all involved parties that should produce the survival swimming curriculum. Additionally, the executives from all relevant agencies could also join and give out the advantages information and the different between those two types of swimming course.

Result The executives has policy that Thai children must be immune protection drowned, and encouraged to sign an MOU with the relevant agencies to drive the immune protection drowned in Thai children by bringing survival swimming curriculum into the curriculum of elementary education level, while the budget support will be provided by the local administration.

Conclusion and recommendation The successful driving procedure was every relevant agencies should participate from the beginning of project. Those agencies would join as their own project and it could be substantial later.

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