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Bringing down the number of road traffic injuries in the country using the pre- and post-tests of the Walk This Way of Safe Kids Philippines
  1. A C Rolloque*,
  2. R Consunji,
  3. M Alcantara,
  4. M T A Perez,
  5. J Rolloque
  1. Correspondence Safe Kids Worldwide Philippines, 3F Cargohaus Bldg. Brgy. Vitales NAIA Complex, Paranaque City, 1700, Philippines


Objectives To know the level of knowledge of the students who received road safety education after 6 months to a year after. Bring down the number of injuries.

Methods Safe Kids Philippines used the standard pre- and post-test tools to students of elementary schools. The pretests were administered to students before their lesson on road safety which lasted for 45 min while post-tests were given after classroom teachings. The post-test is used to gauge the learning after classroom teachings. Questions of pre- and post-tests are the same but included in the post-test is an additional question on the respondents experience of road traffic injuries within the previous year.

Results 9975 and 9961 students responded to the pre- and post-tests, respectively. Delayed post-testing was done on a subset of 1577 students from the original group of 4616 students who were tested a year earlier. It showed that the lowest levels of baseline knowledge were in proper crossing behaviour (25%) and street sign identification. The largest gains were in the same areas with the lowest baseline knowledge (3–5.3 time improvements). Delayed post-testing of students who underwent the programme was after a year showed retained retention and an average of 2.8 more correct responses than immediate post-test results. Road traffic injuries went down to 9% from 36%.

Conclusions A tool is needed to measure the effectiveness of road safety programme. Bringing down the road traffic injuries is possible using the right interventions.

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