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Association of a few interventions by police with changes in traffic injuries in Iran
  1. A Naser-Movahedi,
  2. H Soori*,
  3. M Movahedi,
  4. M R Mehmandar,
  5. E Ainy,
  6. H R Hatamabadi,
  7. M Azari,
  8. S Mahfuzpour,
  9. R Vafaee,
  10. M R Massoudinejad
  1. Correspondence Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Evin, Tehran 198157, Iran


Introduction The efficacy of provisional driver licensing and mandatory seat belt use legislations on reducing traffic injuries and the intensity of injuries was investigated.

Methods Data on traffic crashes and injuries from 1 year before till 2 years after the implementation of provisional driver licensing and mandatory seat belt use legislations were obtained from traffic police. Data of traffic injuries and mortalities from 1 year before till 2 year after the implementation of graduate driver licensing compared in those in early years of their driving experience. To evaluate the efficiency of mandatory seat belt use legislation the intensity of traffic injuries were compared.

Results Drivers under 23 years of age consisted 22.8% of total crashes in the prior to the implementation of graduate driver licensing. This proportion reduced to 15.5% and 16.1% in the first and second year after implementation, respectively, in holders of provisional B1 type driver license. This approximately 7% reduction in total accident was statistical significant (p<0.001). Regarding the intensity of injuries after the implementation of the mandatory seat belt use, our findings showed that traffic mortalities consisted of 13.3% of all traffic accidents in the year prior to the implementation, while this proportion decreased to 9.9% and 11.5% in the first and second years after the implementation, respectively.

Conclusion It is suggested that both interventions were efficient in reduction of intensity of traffic injuries and provisional driver licensing was efficient in reducing the crude number of traffic injuries.

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