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Study on product-related injury surveillance in six hospitals in China
  1. X Deng*,
  2. L Duan,
  3. C Wu
  1. Correspondence National Center for Chronic and Non-Communicable Disease Control and Prevention (NCNCD), China CDC, No.27 Nanwei Road, Xuan Wu District, Beijing, P.R.China 100050, China


Objectives To explore a feasible product-related injury surveillance system that would be the foundation of a national system in the future, which can provide further information of product-related injury and basal data for injury prevention & consumer protection in China. To get primary information of product-related injury status in study fields.

Methods Two sites including one city and one county were selected from the National Injury Surveillance System of China as pilot fields. The surveillance system was hospital-based. Patient information was collected from each of the six hospitals by doctor or nurse for every first-time emergency or outpatient visit involving an injury.

Results Altogether, 63.43% of the total 3 9573 reported injury visits were related to at least one product. The main three kinds of products involved were road transport tools (25.52%), facilities in public places (23.45%) and housewares (21.82%). The major populations involved were aged 25–44 (42.86%), 20–24 (16.51%) and 45–64 (11.95%). The leading causes of injury were falls (31.36%), road traffic injuries (28.12%) and blunt injuries (20.08%). The most common natures of injury were bruise (41.94%), and sharp/bite/open injury (41.13).

Conclusion Hospital-based product-related injury surveillance system is feasible in China. Insight investigation was suggested for the typical case, which is good for consumer safety protection. Effective measures and policies would be made to aim at youth and middle-aged adults and the main kinds of products.

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