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Child pedestrian safety: behaviour changing evaluation through school education project
  1. M Y Cui*,
  2. L Wang
  1. Correspondence Safe Kids Worldwide-China, Rm.1102, Block B, Everwin Garden, 521 Wanping Road (S), Shanghai 200032, China


Problem In China, over 35 000 children ages 14 and under is injured and over 7000 die from road traffic accidents in China.

Objectives (1) To evaluate the effect of an educational intervention on behaviour change by independent observation. (2) To determine whether the observation method adopted could improve the pedestrian behaviour.

Method (1) Intervention through curriculum education for safe road cross (7 behaviours). (2) Mapping the off-school road for observation site selection. (3) Observation through a third party observation before the education and after 7 days of education by trained observers.

Results (1) No significant behaviour changes for stop at the corner before crossing and walking on the sidewalk after crossing. (2) Significant changes on look left-right-left while crossing. (3) Big improvement on Walk on the zebra line while crossing. (4) Slight improvement on slow down before cross and no rushing while crossing.

Conclusion (1) The project illustrates that an educational intervention can improve children's pedestrian behaviour on safety crossing in some way. (2) The third party observation gives a more factual evaluation to the intervention. However the study also raised a number of methodological challenges such as big resources required for getting more student involvement and making sure that students are in blind of this observation.

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