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Disaster management in University Libraries: perception, problems and strategies
  1. R I Echezona*,
  2. C I Ugwu,
  3. R E Ozioko
  1. Correspondence Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, University of Nigeria, Nsukka 234, Nigeria


The paper investigated disaster management in University Libraries in South Eastern Nigeria; perceptions, problems and strategies. The design of the study was a descriptive survey. The population of the study consisted of librarians from university libraries in Southern Nigeria. Eighty-six librarians were sampled from the total of 265 librarians. Three research questions guided the study. Data for the study were collected using questionnaire which was validated through expert opinion. Data generated for the study were analysed using some descriptive statistics of percentages, mean and SD. It was discovered that perceptions of librarians vary on disaster management. Some of the problems encountered in disaster management include lack of adequate facilities, inadequate fund allocation to libraries and lack of interest on the part of some librarians on disaster management issues. The paper identified strategies for effective disaster management in university libraries in South Eastern Nigeria. These strategies include development of disaster preparedness plan, vulnerability analysis and risk assessment should be conducted to evaluate the types of emergencies that might affect library collection, personnel and building; backing up library websites regularly, staff training and raising awareness of the need to protect document from disaster. It was recommended that modern facilities to avert disaster should be provided for government. Training of librarians and other staff on disaster control and prevention should be carried out as well as adequate funding of the libraries by the government.

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