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Healthy municipalities, safe communities
  1. G de Hoyos*,
  2. J Ungaro
  1. Correspondence Subsecretara de Salud, Provincia de Neuqun. Personal: Aconcagua 290, Neuquen, Provincia de Neuqun Work address: Fotheringham 121, Neuquen, Provincia de Neuquen 8300, Argentina


Introduction The Healthy Municipalities, Cities and Communities Network (HMCCN) have had great growth in Argentina during the last 3 years as the National Health Ministry decided to increase support and change strategy. HMCCN approach is very similar to that of Safe Communities', as peoples participation, intersectorial activities and capacity building are key points in both of them.

Objective To describe the experience of promoting the strategy of Safe Communities along with developing the HMCCN in Argentina.

Materials and Methods A Trauma Prevention and Control Program is being developed in Neuquen in Argentine Patagonia since year 2000. It is based on surveillance, health and safety promotion and community local planning. Three years ago, an integration process with the HMCCN took place as a provincial representative was included for first time in the network. Since then, the Safe Communities strategy has been presented in every opportunity in each municipality member of HMCCN in Neuquen, in order to encourage them to promote and prioritise safety among healthy public policies.

Results Community projects and actions were designed and executed. Some of them were chosen to be financed by the Health Ministry through the HMCCN. The need to assess local epidemiology caused the implementation and/or reactivation of Injuries Sentinel Units in some of these communities.

Discussion and Conclusions The strategy of integrating the Safe Communities approach to the already existing and recently strengthened HMCCN could be a suitable way to encourage communities safety promotion in Argentina and probably in Latin America.

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