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National burden of injuries and violence: a household survey in Egypt
  1. M Hafez,
  2. R Saad,
  3. H S Jaffar*,
  4. G Gururaj,
  5. H Elhennawy
  1. Correspondence Ministry of Health, Elqasr elainy Maglas Elshaab st Cairo- Egypt, Egypt


Introduction In 2008, Injury was ranked as the 5th leading cause of mortality and 3rd cause of hospitalisation in Egypt. The aim of the survey was to identify the burden and characteristics of injuries through a population based survey.

Methods A population-based survey was undertaken in five governorates of Egypt through a multi stage probability proportional to size sampling method. A validated semistructured questionnaire was used and information was collected on socio-demographic characteristics, external causes, risk factors for road crashes, outcome, impact and utilisation of healthcare.

Results Interviews were conducted in 11 118 households and 47 797 individuals were covered during the period March–July 2009. Injuries accounted for 20% of deaths in the surveyed regions. The highest injury mortality was among men and in younger age groups (<45 years). Road traffic injuries were the leading injury cause of death constituting for 56% of deaths with an age adjusted mortality of 20/100 000 population. Road traffic injuries and falls, one-third each, predominated non-fatal injuries, 35% and 34%, respectively. Nearly half of RTIs occurred on the highways. Pedestrians and vehicles drivers were involved in greater numbers of road crashes to the extent of 41% and 40%, respectively. Seat belt usage rate was only 40% and helmet usage rate was <5%. Nearly half of all fall injuries occurred at home.

Conclusions Road, home and work safety needs to be addressed within the national policies and programmes and through intersectoral approaches.

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