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A. Seat belts and road safety/regeneration, B. Drinking and driving and road safety and C. Speeding and road safety
  1. A Tianzhou*
  1. Correspondence to National Center for Chronic and Non-Communicable Disease Control and Prevention (NCNCD), China CDC, No.27 Nanwei Road, Xuan Wu District, Beijing, People's Republic of China 100050, China


All of the three pictures and films can be used for the education of road safety. A: Its a set of pictures, which uses the contrastive method to highlight the importance of seat belts. The pictures first show a crab, whose pincers were lost in a fight for food with others. At the same time, a road traffic crash happens to a driver without wearing seatbelt, then the driver loses one leg. After 6 months, the crab has its reborn pincers. However, the driver doesn't. Finally, it is showed that please buckle up when driving if you don't have the regenerated ability. B&C: these two films both use the toys to simulate the scenes of road traffic accident because of drinking driving/speeding. There is no bloody scene. And they are much more friendly to children for education. Each film has one core message. B shows that about 50–60% road traffic crashes are related to drink-driving. C shows that reducing the average speed by 1 km/h results in a 4–5% decrease in fatal crash.

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