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Pilot program at Litel elementary school
  1. J Sullivan*,
  2. L Bayless*,
  3. C Cook*,
  4. S Cowles*
  1. Correspondence to Pasadena Police Department, Communications 207 North Garfield Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA


The short film is about a pilot program done at an elementary school where children receive safety instruction through interaction and song. For 4 days children received safety instructions via an instructor, in fire safety, stranger awareness, neighbourhood watch and school safety. On the fifth day, a singing group called the safety girls preformed songs that backed up the instructions given to the children. The children had a high percentage of retention due to the combination of instruction, interaction and song. The film is a combination of the songs and still photography that shows the children and their interactions with the instructor and singing group.

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