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Bringing home safety to the most vulnerable
  1. S Merrill
  1. Correspondence Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, 353 Bristol Road, Birmingham B5 7ST, UK


Safe At Home (National Home Safety Equipment Scheme) is an £14 million initiative to help families keep their children safe and to reduce accident rates in the home. Working with locally based delivery partners the scheme is providing home safety equipment to over 60 000 of the most disadvantaged families in areas with the highest accident rates. The equipment which is provided with a fitting service includes safety gates, fireguards, window restrictors, cupboard locks, corner cushions, cord shorteners and bathmats. The scheme is not just about equipment. Over 2 years it will provide 500 000 families with information and support that will help them to create a safer environment. Safe At Home is also rolling out a comprehensive training programme for delivery partners, with over 3000 training places being offered throughout the scheme. There is a website Other developments include a DVD with training notes and discussion points which is used as part of a facilitated session. An accompanying height chart, highlighting the key risks and prevention advice left with each family is a practical aid that backs up the information in the DVD. A picture based resource is also available for use in family information sessions.

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