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Preventing injuries in the EU, in particular among vulnerable groups – implementation of the 2007 Council Recommendation
  1. European Commission


Injuries due to traffic accidents, workplace accidents, home and leisure time accidents as well as injuries due to interpersonal violence and self-harm impose a huge burden to health. With 256 000 fatalities each year (cf. Injury DataBase report 2009), injury is the fourth most common cause of death within the EU, and the “Killer number one” among young people. This parallel session called by the European Commission will consist of a series of brief presentations followed by a discussion to highlight results of programmes and future expectations with regard to injury prevention, in particular among vulnerable groups. The session will open with a welcome from the European Commission followed by short presentations, describing the importance of policy tools to take action against injuries and violence and of monitoring progress. Examples of prevention measures in EU countries and grass roots actions from NGO will be presented. This will be followed by a discussion on how the problem can be targeted and what could be the next steps for action. Conclusions might be used by the European Commission for its preparatory work to report on the implementation of the 2007 Council Recommendation on the prevention of injury and promotion of safety. Presentations include:

Injury surveillance in EU and associated projects (injury database - joint action) by EU Member State - Violence and self-harm prevention by WHO - Europe. - Injuries among vulnerable groups by EU Member State/NGO. - Promotion in schools and training of (health) professionals by Belgium (5-year Program of the Ministry of the French Community) - Sport and leisure injuries including risk taking behaviour by NGO KfV, Austria

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