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Evidence based policy and interventions to support adult victims of sexual violence
  1. K E Rogstad
  1. Correspondence World Health Organization, Institute of Work, Health and Organisations (I-WHO), University of Nottingham, International House, Jubilee Campus, Wollaton Road, Nottingham NG8 1BB, UK


Adult victims of sexual violence, whether male or female, require a spectrum of care which should be of high quality. For those who present soon after assault, their immediate healthcare needs include emergency treatment for injuries, testing for sexually transmitted infections including HIV and Hepatitis viruses, and pregnancy testing. They also require preventative measures including post-coital contraception and prophylaxis against HIV and Hepatitis B. Forensic testing and careful documentation of the history and any injuries is needed if the police are to be informed, and should be offered even if reporting is declined in case the person changes their mind at a future date. Follow up may be required for repeat tests depending on when they initially present. Psychological support should be offered both immediately after the event, and also be available at a later date even if they do not require immediate support. In the UK many police forces have Specialised Sexual Assault Referral Centres, the best of which provide a comprehensive service of forensic and healthcare services. Some choose instead to attend sexual health services (in particular Genitourinary Medicine (Sexual Health and HIV clinics), or are referred on to services for ongoing care. The session will cover service provision models and the requirements of victims in detail.

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