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Experience of intimate partner violence among rural and urban women in Oyo State, Nigeria
  1. M O Balogun*,
  2. E T Owoaje,
  3. O I Fawole
  1. Correspondence Department of Community Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria


Background Intimate Partner Violence is an important public health problem in Nigeria. Previous studies on IPV have focused mainly on physical violence providing little information on the prevalence of the other forms of IPV.

Methodology This study assessed prevalence of all forms of IPV among women of reproductive age in selected rural and urban communities in Akinyele Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria. A semi-structured interviewer administered questionnaire was used to obtain information on socio-demographic characteristics of the respondents and factors associated with occurrence of IPV.

Result Three hundred women each in rural and urban areas were interviewed. Mean age was 29.7–8.5 years. Lifetime prevalence of IPV was 67%, controlling behaviour 49.8%, psychological violence 34.7%, physical violence 20.8% and sexual violence 11.6%. Predictors of lifetime experience of any form of IPV were duration of relationship greater than 2 years and quarrelling often with partner. Urban residence, partner's younger age and involvement in physical fights with another man, were predictors of experiencing controlling behaviour. Being ever married and in relationship for over 2 years were predictors of psychological violence. Alcohol consumption by partner, being in relationship for over 2 years, ever been married and rural residence were predictors of physical violence. Predictors of sexual violence were being single and partner's involvement in physical fight with another man.

Conclusion IPV occurs commonly among women in these communities. Multidisciplinary strategies should be designed and implemented for the prevention and control of different forms of IPV identified.

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