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Injuries and wounds in elderly living in poverty conditions in Mexico
  1. M Ma Tllez Rojo*,
  2. B Manrique-Espinoza,
  3. A Salinas-Rodrguez,
  4. J Campuzano
  1. Correspondence Instituto Nacional de Salud Pblica, Av. Universidad 655, Col. Sta. Ma. Ahuacatitln. Cuernavaca- Morelos 62100, Mexico


Objective To estimate the prevalence of injuries and wounds of Mexican elderly living in poverty conditions.

Methods and Materials A three stages probabilistic survey, stratified by community type (rural or urban) and nationally representative was conducted. The objective population was formed by individuals with 70 years old and more, who are beneficiaries from Oportunidades program.

Results Interviewed people average age was 78.4 years, and 56.5% were women. 61.2% of elderly are illiterate. 11% of women and 10% of men reported had suffered some injury or cut within the last 12 months. The highest proportion of reported injuries were on arms and hands (47%), followed by legs and feet (39%). 66% of these accidents happened in the elderly home, while 15% happened in a public place. Regarding burns, women presented a proportion higher than men. (3.4% vs 0.8%, respectively); burns were more frequent on arms and hands (68%). 96% happened inside the elderly home. Nevertheless, it is observed an important prevalence of elderly reporting that these accidents happened intentionally, 4% in those who suffered injuries or cuts, and 9% in those reporting some burn.

Conclusion The necessity of attention and specific interventions related to injuries and wounds of our study population, due to the vulnerability conditions, incapacity and dependency that they live in, is shown.

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