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The prevalence of low back pain Among employees of a paediatric hospital in Nairobi
  1. V M Mutiso,
  2. E Amayo
  1. Correspondence University of Nairobi, P.O. Box 19681-00202, KNH, Nairobi, Kenya


Objective To determine the prevalence of Low Back Pain among employees at a paediatric hospital in Nairobi in the year 2005.

Design Descriptive Cross sectional study.

Setting A medium sized paediatric hospital in Nairobi

Results Questionnaires were sent to 347 employees of the hospital. The response rate was 19.3%. The age range was 25–57 years with a mean of 34 year. The majority were female comprising 67.2%.Nurses comprised 42.2% of the total. 63.6%had suffered back pain in that year of which 90.5% was located in the lower back. Conclusion: Low Back Pain is a common affliction among employees at this hospital.

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