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Demonstrating your programs value through success stories: CDC's new internet-based tool
  1. J Mitchko,
  2. W Holmes*
  1. Correspondence Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4770 Buford Hwy, NE MS F-63 Atlanta, GA 30341, USA


Documenting successful injury prevention and response interventions and their impact in an efficient, compelling way, has not been possible-until now. At CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, one of our roles is to improve public health practice and foster translation of research into practice. In this role, NCIPC is currently developing an Internet-based portal to enable injury prevention and response practitioners to develop and disseminate success stories. We have learned that to create an effective tool, it must be designed “easy to find, easy to use”. Once a user enters the portal through the CDC/NCIPC website, they can create their own story account by setting up a username and password. While there, users will be able to develop, edit and save their stories to their own computer. Users can access a resource page with current data and content related to the topic they are reporting on. The result will be a presentable, downloadable document available in both PDF and Word versions. The story can be saved on the user's desktop and shared with others. NCIPC funding recipients will also be able to submit their stories into CDC clearance for permanent archive in an on-line story database. The success stories portal provides an inexpensive method of broadly disseminating concrete and accurate summaries of effective interventions. The success stories may guide future global, national, state and local efforts to prevent injury more effectively. A demonstration of this new CDC tool will be presented.

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