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A browser for graphically searching and sharing injured parts of the body
  1. K Kitamura*,
  2. Y Nishida,
  3. Y Motomura,
  4. T Yamanaka
  1. Correspondence National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tokyo Waterfront, 2-41-6-3F Aomi, Koto, Tokyo, Japan


Representing external injury case data and utilising them for improving consumer products are important for injury prevention. However, we don't have a good tool for expressing injury case data that includes injury position and shape. We have developed a new technology, a body graphic information system (BIS), that enables us to express, collect, retrieve and analyse external injury geometric data. The BIS can manage external injury data by associating the information with human body geography. External injury information can be input by drawing on the human model with the computer mouse. The input injury data can be standardised and accumulated in a database system. We collected 3144 external injury data using the system at the hospital. When consumer product makers prevent unintentional injury by improving consumer products, it is useful to know which body part is injured due to their own developed products. For example, If bicycle helmet makers know which head part is injured frequently due to bicycle, they can develop new design helmet for protecting that part. We developed the search system for sharing collected data and the system is available for free. We are going to release an English version of the system for sharing all over the world. The system enables us to retrieve frequent distribution of injured body part with search conditions (eg, Age, Gender, Type of injury, Place, Products and so on). The system was downloaded over 1700 in one year.

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