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Nexus between communication revolutions and youth crime
  1. M A Yinusa,
  2. A O Basil*
  1. Correspondence 1605 Corporate Ltd, 35, Allen Ave, Ikeja, Lagos, 23401, Nigeria


Communication revolution has experienced its maximum impact in the last two decades in Nigeria with the Internet receiving an explosive attention. Though communication has become a major factor in critical human activities such as politics, economy, socio-cultural and religious, it had also engendered some other nefarious activities ranging from embezzlement, fraud, theft and violence. Youths are the major perpetrators of the crimes. The nexus between communication revolution and youth crime in Ilorin formed the challenge of this study. Social survey was adopted for the study while 102 respondents were drawn through a simple random sampling with χ2 as the statistical technique for the study. The findings revealed that youth crime increased with the explosion of communication revolution precipitates other social problems. Based on this, the following recommendations are necessary. Government should develop experts to handle communication related crimes while the society, parents and individuals should embrace the culture of positive values.

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