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Risk behaviour and injury risk factors: in multi country analysis
  1. F Hasan*,
  2. N M Hossain*
  1. Correspondence Department of Statistics, Rajshahi University, Rajshahi 6205, Bangladesh


Background Childhood injury is one of the major preventable public health problems. Unintentional injuries account for almost 90% of worlds million deaths from injury and violence in children and young people under the age of 18 years. Canada has one of the best healthcare and surveillance system in this world. Malaysia undertakes several initiatives to tackle this preventable public health problem; but it will take time and need more population enrichment and participations. Bangladesh is far off from its goal; need more immediate actions and further assistance from international communities.

Objectives (1) To determine the prevalence of risk factors for Childhood injury in Bangladesh, Malaysia and Canada and their country wise differences. (2) To determine the barriers and enablers to adopt injury prevention strategies such as car seats, bicycle helmet use, in those countries and their country wise differences.

Methodology The study will examine the existing data and newly collected data for population-based estimates of specific variables. A need assessment survey will be conducted to collect qualitative information. Exploratory data analysis techniques will use for checking the consistency and validity of data, contingency table analysis for testing independence of categorical data and finally, Qualitative analyses will be done by using thematic content analysis.

Target Population Target population will be between ages 1 to 18 years of old.

Expected Outcome Better understanding of knowledge and behaviours related to injury prevention. Ideas can be directly applied to a program targeting these countries.

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