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Assumption of responsibility of the cases of traumatisms in urgency at the medical centre with surgical antenna of Ziniar
  1. M Wangraoua*
  1. Correspondence ministre de la sant du Burkina faso, Centre medical avec antenne chirurgicale de Ziniar, BP 345 Ziniar, 226, Burkina Faso


Aims To establish the epidemiology of the traumatic case received with the sorting of the department of surgery of the medical centre with surgical antenna of Ziniar, and to bring back the method of their assumption of responsibility.

Patients and Methods It was about a retrospective study relating to the year 2009. Were included all the patients received in urgency for traumatism and recorded in the register of consultation. The studied parameters were the age, the sex, the profession, the cause of the traumatism, the diagnosis, therapeutic control.

Results The traumatisms accounted for 69.75% of the cases received with sorting (that is to say 692 cases out of 992) and occur among relatively young patients with 32 years Middle Age. The sex ratio was of 2.6 in favour of the male sex. The main victims were the workers of the informal sector, the employees of the public and private professional sector, the pupils and students, the tradesmen. The traffic accidents, the brawls and the falls prevailed. The lesions of the soft parts and the lesions of the bones and the articulations in particular the fractures of the members and the cranial traumatisms were most frequent. All the cases of traumatisms osteoarticulaires were evacuated on the Yalgado Ouedraogo University Teaching Hospital or the Charles De Gaule Paediatric University Teaching Hospital for lack of service of radiology and reanimation.

Conclusion The efficient assumption of responsibility of the majority of the traumatisms Ziniar remains related to the infrastructure problem.

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