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Advocating for safer products in Canada
  1. P Fuselli*
  1. Correspondence Safe Kids Canada/The Hospital for Sick Children, 180 Dundas Street, West Suite 2105, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z8, Canada


Injuries to children from use of consumer products are common, frequently serious & sometimes fatal. Survey results show that the vast majority of Canadians believe that if a product is available for sale on the market, it is safe or has been adequately tested for safety. In Canada, this is not necessarily the case since many products, including substandard imports, can pose a dangerous risk of injury. In Canada, there are more than 18 000 annual emergency room visits for children as a result of product related injuries. Canada's current consumer product safety legislation is over 40 years old. Bill C-6, the proposed new Canadian consumer product safety legislation, is a positive step that includes three main pillars; active prevention, targeted oversight & rapid response to enforce mandatory recall of hazardous products. Changes to current legislation would renew, enhance & modernise consumer product safety in Canada to better reflect the globalise marketplace and be consistent with societal & consumer expectations for health and safety. The United States recently renewed product safety legislation with The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently working with industry on effective implementation. Safe Kids Canada has worked to support the passage of Bill C-6 while industry & special interest groups have strenuously lobbied government & the Senate for amendments that weaken the proposed legislation. This presentation will review experiences, successes and challenges in Canada & the United States in advocating & implementing for safer consumer products through renewed legislation.

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