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Ethnic differences in injuries in children and youth in Macedonia
  1. B Kasapinov*,
  2. F Tozija,
  3. D Gudeva-Nikovska,
  4. D Gjorgjev
  1. Correspondence Institute for Public Health, 50 Divizija 6, Skopje, 1000 Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic


The community-based survey was conducted at national level, based on a national estimate of injury prevalence, administered by the Department for injury and violence control and prevention within the National Institute of Public Health. The objective of this paper was to determine the magnitude, scope and characteristics of injuries in children, adolescents and youths from different ethnic background in the Republic of Macedonia at national and community level. Standard methodology was applied as recommended in the WHO Guideline for community-based survey on injuries and violence. Total of 1577 children and youths aged 0–24 have been examined. The survey has recorded injury rate of 6087,5/100 000. Ethnic Albanians were 1.68 times more likely than ethnic Macedonians to sustain injury significantly more injured in the afternoon hours. The most common place of injury in ethnic Albanians was their home, while ethnic Macedonians were most likely to be injured in traffic accidents. Ethnic Macedonians were most likely to be injured during paid and sporting activities while ethnic Albanians were most likely to be injured during unspecified and leisure activities. The most common mechanism for injury in ethnic Macedonians were falls, while ethnic Albanians were most likely to be intentionally injured by other person. Community injury survey has provided more comprehensive data on injuries and violence than data collected through hospital and out-patient based surveillance system. Information obtained is intended to be used for decision-making and conducting preventive activities towards most at-risk population.

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