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Addressing the inadequacies of Nigeria's national vehicle visibility scheme for enhanced safety
  1. O David,
  2. C C Ojugbana,
  3. K Obinna*,
  4. A Ifeanyi
  1. Correspondence PATVORA Initiative, 24 Ojugbana Drive, Ezenei Avenue Box 505, Asaba, Delta State Nigeria


Statement of Purpose Due to increasing road crashes at nights, the Nigerian road safety regulating agency, implemented a scheme that requires all vehicles to carry retro reflective stickers at their back bumper. The scheme in its 6-month period of implementation has been greeted with skepticisms.

Objective This research seeks to investigate the Nigerian national vehicle visibility scheme, examine the threats and make recommendations.

Method A 2-week study was carried out on three major highways; a total stretch of 282 km. Scheme compliance was recorded and visibility of the retro reflective stickers was monitored at nights. Interviews were conducted in 20 commercial motor parks. 300 questionnaires were randomly distributed.

Summary of Results Data obtained were analysed statistically. It showed scheme compliance of 58–80%. 36% of respondents agreed that theft of stickers was a major threat. 35% of respondents stated that the quality of the stickers depreciated. 86% agreed that the stickers were very useful at nights but 67% agreed that the stickers were of no value to them during daytime. 58% of the vehicles examined had stickers with very poor reflective features.

Conclusion The scheme makes huge contribution towards reducing road casualties. To minimise theft and enhance usefulness of stickers at daytime, registration numbers of vehicles and relevant road safety messages should be embossed on stickers. For quality control, all materials used should meet specific type certification. Scheme when reviewed can be replicated in other developing countries with night visibility problems on the roads.

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