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Trends in motor vehicle crash mortality in a small island developing state – the case of Dominica, 2000–2009
  1. P Ricketts*,
  2. M Bergeron,
  3. R Emmanuel,
  4. M Smith
  1. Correspondence Ross University School of Medicine, Picard Portsmouth, P.O. Box 266 Commonwealth of Dominica 00152, Dominica


The Commonwealth of Dominica is a small island developing state with a population of approximately 70 000 people. There is a significant concern in Dominica over the rise in injuries and violence in the country. Mortality due to motor vehicular accidents is now among the 10 major causes of death (Ministry of Health, 2007). Violence and injuries have become a huge burden on the state and society throughout the Caribbean. Homicide and motor vehicle accidents account for 9.3% of the years of productive life lost in the region, and the second in impact only to HIV/AIDS (CARICOM Secretariat, 2007). In comparison to the attention given to HIV/AIDS and Chronic Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer, inadequate attention is being paid to motor vehicular accidents and other types of violence and injuries generally. The cost of injuries and violence was estimated to amount to 0.7% of Jamaica's GDP in 2002. The trend is similar in all Caribbean countries (CARICOM Secretariat, 2007). Dominica, a CARICOM member state, reveals a road crash death of 4.29 per 100 000 persons. This poster seeks to highlight the importance of motor vehicle crashes as a cause of death in a small island developing state, and the need for targeted interventions to address the problem.

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