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Risk factors and possible interventions for injury severity of five types of rural road crashes
  1. U Ewert*,
  2. P Eberling
  1. Correspondence Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, Hodlerstr. 5a Bern, 3011, Switzerland


In Switzerland more than 50% of all road fatalities occur on rural roads. Five different types of crashes (head-on collisions, collisions with roadside obstacles, collisions at intersections, crashes without collisions, collisions with pedestrians) are analysed with regard to the risk factors for being fatally or severely injured versus being slightly or not injured.

Five logistic regressions of the police accident statistics lead to 21 risk factors, among them type of vehicle, use of seat belt or helmet, alcohol use, type of roadside obstacles, type of road, age and gender, etc.

About 25–40% of the variance could be explained, depending on the type of crash.

Several recommendations for the reduction of the risk factors were derived and will be presented. They relate to road construction, behaviour change and police enforcement.

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