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Teachers training needs on intimate partner violence (IPV)
  1. P Trendafilova*
  1. Correspondence Faculty of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management, Medical University - Sofia, 8 Byalo More Street, 1527 Sofia, Bulgaria


The objectives of the study are related to healthcare and social care teachers training needs on the issue of intimate partner violence. The teachers training needs on IPV in Bulgaria are compared to the teachers needs in the other European countries, involved in this project. The aim of HEVI (Social and Health Care Teachers against Violence) 2008 to 2010 project is to respond to the needs of teachers in the social work, social care and health fields, at vocational and higher education levels, on the issue of intimate partner violence in Europe. The questionnaire was disseminated in seven countries (Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Rumania and Bulgaria). The total number of filled and returned questionnaires was 95. The results show that teachers recognise IPV as an important subject in the vocational education and they don't feel enough prepared to teach or tutor students about IPV at their school/college. The IPV is not included in the Curriculum of the vocational healthcare studies but it is included in the Curriculum of the social care studies. The teachers recognise the need for additional up skill training on IPV and the acquisition of new teaching methods. The majority is interested in 3-days training but there are differences between some countries. There is a lack of enough materials and tools on IPV available for teachers in Bulgaria. The most common used instruments are literature, audiovisual materials and handouts but there is a great need for more various materials in Bulgarian language.

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