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Effect of first aid education on first aid knowledge and skills of drivers employed by the University of Ibadan
  1. A Sangowawa*
  1. Correspondence Institute of Child Health, College of Medicine, University College hospital, PMB 5116, Ibadan, Oyostate, Nigeria


Objective This paper presents findings on the effect a first aid training on first aid knowledge and skills of university drivers.

Methods Quasi-experimental study was conducted among 176 drivers allocated into intervention (98) and control groups (78) using a cluster sampling technique. The intervention comprised a 2-day training on first aid for accident victims and a training on HIV/AIDS and the workplace for control drivers. First aid knowledge and skills were measured at baseline and immediately post-intervention. First aid knowledge was assessed using a multiple-item questionnaire and aggregate scores computed giving minimum and maximum obtainable scores of 0 and 25. The drivers participated in simulated accident scenarios during which their first aid skills were assessed and scored giving minimum and maximum obtainable scores of 0 and 24 respectively.

Results The mean age of respondents from the intervention group was 51.75.8 years compared to 50.65.8 years among controls(p = 0.236). Median first aid knowledge scores before and after the intervention were 12 (5 20) and 15 (8 23) (p<0.001) for intervention and 12 (7 19) and 14 (5 18) for control drivers (p>0.05). Median first aid skills scores were 11 (2 15) and 15 (7 20) (p<0.001) for intervention drivers and 9 (2 18) and 8 (1 16) (p > 0.05) for controls.

Conclusion The intervention resulted in meaningful improvement in first aid knowledge and skills of the intervention drivers. It is recommended that they be given first aid training to enable them provide this service to crash victims.

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