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Estimates of the gross domestic product loss due to violence in Uganda
  1. M Nakitto*,
  2. B Wandera,
  3. L Cannoodt,
  4. N Kiwanuka,
  5. R Lett
  1. Correspondence Injury Control Center – Uganda, Makerere Medical School, Mulago 7072, Uganda


Introduction There is lack of information on economic cost of violent related injuries in Uganda. The study estimates both direct and indirect costs incurred as a result of interpersonal and self directed violent injuries.

Methods Data were collected from four hospitals and two health centres (September 2008 to November 2009) using a standardised form while medico-legal data were collected from Government chemist and Police surgeon. Estimating cost parameters were derived from a WHO Manual. Statistical analyses were done using Stata 10.

Results Intentional injuries accounted for 20.7% of all injuries. Self-inflicted accounted for 30.3%, while interpersonal 69.7%. Violent injuries were frequent in homes; with causes: stabbing (31.1%) and poisoning (8.5%). Proportion of intentional injuries in homes was significantly higher than of unintentional injuries, 46.9% versus 23.7% (p<0.001). Direct total costs for self-directed injuries were $16 971 while per self-directed injury was $132.6. Indirect total costs for self-directed injuries were $506 443, while per self-directed injury was $3957. Direct medical costs for interpersonal injuries were $44 469, while $155 per interpersonal injury. Indirect costs for interpersonal injuries were $1 519 329, while $5312 per interpersonal injury. Direct costs due to violent injuries accounted for 0.04% of GDP while indirect costs accounted for 5.14% of GDP.

Discussion and Conclusion Economic cost of violent injuries in Uganda is substantive and could be saved for more pressing priorities if a preventive strategy is implemented.

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