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Association of water pipe smoking and traffic accidents
  1. S Saadat*,
  2. M K Davari
  1. Correspondence Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Sina Trauma Research Center, Sina Hospital, Emam Khomeini Ave, Tehran, Iran PO Box: 11365/3876, Iran


Introduction Smokers are at risk for the chronic diseases, and they experience increased risk of road traffic crash (RTC), compared to non-smokers.

Waterpipe smoking is sort of tobacco use with an estimated 100 million daily smokers through the world including the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada and Middle East.

The purpose of this research was to examine whether waterpipe smokers experience increased risk of RTC.

Methods A telephone survey was arranged over a random sample of Iranian drivers.

Using a Poisson regression analysis, the association of number of RTC during the last year and the drivers' characteristics (age, gender, diabetes, cigarette or waterpipe smoking, average daily drive time [DDT]) and vehicle characteristics (vehicle age, antilock braking systems) was evaluated.

Results A total of 2070 drivers were included. 14.9% reported at least one RTC during the last year.

There was significant association between number of RTCs and DDT, cigarette smoking and waterpipe smoking after adjustment for other variables. The association of RTC with waterpipe smoking was stronger than cigarette smoking.

The prevalence of RTC in drivers who reported smoking cigarette and waterpipe was more than those who reported only waterpipe smoking which was itself more than those who smoked only cigarette.

Conclusion Our study is among the first to show the association between waterpipe smoking and the risk of RTC, yet the mechanisms of actions need to be studied further. Public health initiatives to increase awareness on harms of waterpipe smoking among male youngsters can decrease the burden of RTC.

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