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Systems of geographical information in health, uses and projection in the programmatic area V, County De Jujuy, Argentina
  1. S A Chalabe*,
  2. L A Leinecker,
  3. A Chalabe,
  4. B Zumbay,
  5. O Vega,
  6. I Barrios,
  7. B Volpi,
  8. N Chaile
  1. Correspondence Hospital NTRA. SRA. Del Carmen – Area v – Jujuy, Argentina


With the incorporation of Hospital Ntra. Sra de El Carmen as Unit Sentry of Lesions arose the necessity to relate the lesions of transport with a certain space, introducing the geographical variables in progressive form according to the population's demographic distribution under covering, administration indicators and hospital yield, having like short-term goals population's focus in risk like disable people, old men, pregnant of high risk, undernourished, etc, protective factors presence and for long terms the categorisation for geographical sector of sanitary risk according to vulnerabilities and natural threats. In front of the conventional cartography, the Systems of Geographical Information (SIG) they offer strategic advantages since they allow, in the first place, (a) an easy upgrade of the information contained in each layer or covering, in front of the static character of the information contained in a map in paper, (b) the interactivity, fundamental advantage for the users that can choose with easiness the most convenient layers facilitating the space analysis of the inter-relation between factors of risk and effects in health, (c) they are specially useful in analysis in real time, and applied for example in emergency situations, crisis or watchful of public health with the immediate incorporation of the information that is generated in each moment, facilitating the sensibly taking of decisions and in definitive, the capacity of the SIG allows to define the magnitude and the distribution of the phenomena of health and its decisive factors.

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