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Frequency of homicides against women in Villa Carlos Paz (Argentina), 2008
  1. N González Casalegno*,
  2. C Territoriale,
  3. M Torrandell
  1. Correspondence Villa Carlos Paz Township, Martin Coronado 355, Villa Carlos Paz, Crdoba, 5152, Argentina


Introduction The homicide against women, have become a public health problem, for the social costs and family's psychological damage. The objective of the following study is to describe the magnitude of homicides against women above 15 years old during 2008, happened in the city of Villa Carlos Paz, with 56 970 people city in the centre of Argentina.

Methods Observational retrospective study. 227 records of women mortality, happened during 2008, from the Civil National Registration Office of Villa Carlos Paz, cross with data from the General Direction of the Judicial police from the Córdoba province, from 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2008. The following variates were analysed: age, date, place, mechanism of injury and relationship with the victim.

Results It's been found a total of two death cases by homicides against women during 2008, that represents the 0.81% from the overall. The mortality due to homicides in women older than 15 years old in Villa Carlos Paz is 3.51 for 100 000 habitants. The 100% of this deaths happened in November and in the own house. The average age of deaths is 65 years old. The injury mechanism were 50% stab wound and 50% hangings. With respect to the relationship with the victim, there's not data.

Conclusion This deaths could have been avoided. In the analysed records there's missing data in some variates that difficults the integral study.

Recommendations Improve the compilation of death and promote the exchange of information with other areas; strategies of prevention; introduce the theme in the local government.

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