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Patterns of occupational injuries in two areas of southern China
  1. L Li*,
  2. X Liu,
  3. Y Lu,
  4. M Yu
  1. Correspondence Injury Prevention Research Centre, Medical College of Shantou University, No.22 Xinling Road, Shantou City, China


Objective We aimed to explore the pattern of occupational injuries in southern China and compare two different areas, coastal and mountain, to provide prevention measures for occupational injuries in China.

Methods Occupational injury was identified as injury occurring when the activity was work, and data were chosen from the Injury Surveillance Project based on hospital data collected from April 2006 to April 2008. Description analysis and chi-square testing were used to analyse the distribution of injuries and the differences between the two areas.

Results Men were more likely to experience occupational injuries, with no difference in the two areas(p=0.112). In the coastal area, patients aged 21–30 years were more likely to experience occupational injury than patients of 41–50 in the mountain area (p<0.001). Patients experiencing occupational injury in the two areas differed by location of household, education and occupation (p<0.001). Occupational injuries occurred in two peak months and one valley month, and the two peak times in the two areas significantly differed (p<0.001). Industry and construction places were the most frequent locations where occupational injuries occurred (p<0.001). Most occupational injuries were unintentional and not serious, and patients could go home after treatment. The two areas differed in external causes and consequences of the injuries.

Conclusion The pattern of occupational injuries in coastal and mountain areas of southern China differed but had some common features. Measures should be taken to prevent occupational injuries in the different areas.

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