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EID – evaluation of the implementation of the documentation sheet in cases of sexual violence against women in Hesse
  1. E Hintz
  1. Correspondence Hochschule Fulda – University of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Fulda Fachbereich Pflege und Gesundheit Marquardstrae 35, 36039 Fulda, Germany


According to a representative study 13% of German women fall victim to criminal prosecuted sexual harassment at least once in their lifetime. In order to secure forensic evidence for trial the Hesse Department of Labour Work, Family and Health lead-managed the design of a special documentation sheet and forensic examination kit to be used in cases of sexual violence. Since 2008 police officers in Hesse are required to escort female victims of sexual assault to the hospital and insure implementation of the documentation sheet and the forensic examination kit. The project evaluates the implementation of the documentation sheet in Hesse. Questions to be answered are as follows: How and to what extent is the documentation sheet being used? How is the cooperation between police, medical doctors, the women's helpline and the prosecution? To what extent does the documentation sheet help to improve the healthcare of victims?

Methods Up to now 11 interviews have been arranged with the 12 women helplines in Hesse. 23 question guide supported interviews with police officers from commissioners offices of Hessen were conducted. Furthermore, interviews with prosecutors, judges and victims advocates from nine Hessian regions are planned. In medical care regions nine interviews with gynaecologists in hospitals and in established practices will be arranged. The final results will be given in September.

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