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An audit of patient attendance, morbidity and mortality seen in 2008 at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia
  1. R E Mtonga*
  1. Correspondence Mthunzi Medical Centre, Fern Groove, Lusaka, West Lusaka 10101, Zambia


Introduction The University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Zambia is a premiere learning, reference and research Medical Centre in Zambia. It offers General and Specialised services at tertiary level and runs 24 h and 7 days a week. The UTH has a total of 1060 beds and 337 cots.

Methodology This was a retrospective study that looked at records of activities in all the surgical wards in 2008 and compiled the data by outpatient attendance, morbidity and mortality.

Results The Tabulations below summarise the results.

Discussions 48 125 outpatient attendances, with 20 023 admissions, 13.147 discharges and 961 deaths.

Conclusion The UTH surgical department was busy in 2008 and offered a full service with a death rate of 48/1000.

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