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What are the cyclists' safety behaviours? a survey on 900 cyclists (sports, commuting cyclists and children)
  1. E Amoros*,
  2. K Supernant,
  3. B Thelot,
  4. M Chiron
  1. Correspondence INRETS, 25 Avenue Franois Mitterrand BRON 69500, France


Introduction In the context of increasing cycle use, what is the current behaviour of cyclists towards their own safety equipment: helmet and conspicuity equipment?

Material and Methods A survey was conducted in a big city (Lyon) and its surroundings. Three main types of cyclists were distinguished: children, sports cyclists and commuting cyclists. Some 900 cyclists responded. A multivariate analysis was performed to identify factors related to helmet wearing.

Results Helmet wearing is strongly related to cyclist types: the helmet is always worn by 49% of riding children, by 68% of sports cyclists and by 17% of commuting cyclists. Commuting cyclists are less likely to wear a helmet if they are female, riding mostly in rural areas, driving a car everyday or never, judging the helmet to be cumbersome (after leaving the bike), and not feeling fragile. Bright coloured clothes are always used by 49% of sports cyclists and by 9% of commuting cyclists. Among cyclists riding at night time, the rear mandatory light is always used by 57% of sports cyclists and by 64% of commuting cyclists. Reasons for non-use are mostly out of order and oversight. A reflective jacket is always worn at night by 10% of adult cyclists.

Conclusion There is much room for increasing the use of safety equipments by cyclists. Helmet wearing is put forward but conspicuity (precrash prevention) should not be overlooked; additionally, cyclists compliance with conspicuity recommendations might be easier to increase. Finally, prevention campaigns should take cyclists types into account.

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