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Compensation of victims of interpersonal violence in Hessen/Germany
  1. B Blttner,
  2. A Grundel*
  1. Correspondence University of Applied Sciences Fulda, Hochschule Fulda Fachbereich Pflege & Gesundheit Marquardstrae 35, 36039 Fulda, Germany


A research project on the German Victim Compensation Act (OEG). In cooperation with the Hesse Maintenance Council and Fulda County (October 2009 to September 2010). Since March 2007, there is an European agreement on the compensation of victims of interpersonal violence. Despite this agreement the national Victim Compensation Acts differ in extend of and criteria for compensation. The OEG was put in place to support victims that suffer from health impairment caused by interpersonal violence. Up to this day the minority of victims in Germany apply for compensation (169 of 572 in Fulda county 2008). Processing these applications cost more than 266.000 Euro. On average 2/3 of the applications are rejected. The long-term expenses for healthcare of the injured individual are unknown in Germany to this day. Aim of the project is to describe the various cases of interpersonal violence represented within the applications and compare them to the local crime statistics. The main reasons for rejection and the role of medical documentation regarding an efficient application process will be examined. Another aim is to look for possibilities to finance violence prevention through the OEG in order to decrease long-term expenses and find feasible solutions to streamline financial support on the base of the OEG for victims of domestic violence.

Methods Elicitation of all completed application files from Fulda County in 2008, focus group discussions and expert interviews on the issue, in-depth case analysis.

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