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Design of hazardous pharmaceutical waste disposal system
  1. E Prakash,
  2. V Babu*
  1. Correspondence Sterlite Industries India Limited, 7, Neethaji street, Mallanginar (Virudhu Nagar Dist), Tamil Nadu, India


The pharmaceutical industries produce various types of life saving drugs which use chemicals of the type of corrosive, toxic, inflammable and hazardous chemicals in the raw stage. In the recent past several industrial disasters have occurred which have taken a heavy toll of human life and property due to the hazardous nature of the chemicals. These incidents have also focused the attention to know and control the various hazards involved during the production of bulk drugs & pharmaceuticals. The hazards in the drugs and pharmaceutical industry may arise due to the hazardous properties of the chemicals such as explosively, inflammability, corrosively, toxicity, chemical degradation and release of free radicals etc. Therefore, it is essential that managers in drug & pharmaceuticals industry must put their best efforts to identify the hazards involved in manufacturing set up of their industrial units and take necessary steps to control them efficiently and to maintain the environment clean. Environmental Protection Act has listed hundreds of chemicals which are hazardous and were discarded which act as the sole active ingredient. These chemicals were classified as the P-list and U-list. Some of these chemical are common pharmaceuticals such as Epinephrine, Warfarin, Nicotine and seven of the chemotherapy drugs. So pharmaceuticals wastes come out during the production are considered as hazardous waste. So these wastes are to be safety handled and disposed. This paper deals with the disposal of the pharmaceutical waste efficiently and eco friendly by designing the proper disposal method such as Secured Land fill and Incineration.

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