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Geographic information system of the pedestrian bridges in Mexico City
  1. L C Becerril,
  2. M Hijar Medina,
  3. H D R Lopez*,
  4. L H Plascencia,
  5. H Sanchez Restrepo
  1. Correspondence Instituto de Geografia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, UNAM Circuito exterior S/N Ciudad Universitaria Delegacion Coyoacan Mexico, Distrito Federal 04510, Mexico


This system is the result of a multidisciplinary research by epidemiologists from the National Institute of Public Health (INSP), geographers and actuaries from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and civil engineers from the Policy Institute for Transportation and Development Program (ITDP). The research objective was to identify factors of use of the pedestrian bridges and their role in the prevention of pedestrian accidents in Mexico City. The geographic information system (GIS) contains the location of 617 pedestrian bridges built in Mexico City and a set of technical specifications for bridges with a photographic inventory. It also integrates more than 2500 records obtained from a survey of users and nonusers of the pedestrian bridges that characterise those persons who walk the areas where bridges are located. The methodology for this research was the spatialisation of tabular data by a geocoding process and integration of associated attributes in databases. This set of information allowed the construction of an indicator that ranks each pedestrian bridge using variables such as condition of bridge maintenance, safety, types and width of the roadway, presence of traffic lights, travel time of pedestrians among others. The information system was programmed with a friendly interface for easy user access and was donated to various local government agencies as the Ministry of Transport and Highways (SETRAVI) and the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) of the Mexico City.

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