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Apply hospital incident command to manage multiple casualties during New Year and Songkran Festival
  1. W Phonburee*,
  2. M Vivathanasitthipong,
  3. P Suwaratchai,
  4. S Chamnanphon
  1. Correspondence Sappasitthiprasong Hospital, 99 Thedsaban14 Road Amphur Warinchamrap Ubonratchathani 34190, Thailand


Objective To evaluate the modified Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) used to mange Multiple Casualty during New Year and Songkran Festival.

Background A New Year and Songkran Festival are the long holidays that encourage many millions of people who travel to/from their hometown. In 2001–2003, there was increase two times patients comparing with an average patients per day. So that Sapprasithiprasong Hospital, apply HICS to prepared and managed Multiple casualty incidents during this periods.

Study design descriptive study method: data were collected from the injury surveillance. The patients were recruited if they were cared in the hospital during this time (2007–2009). The modified HICS was evaluated by the action plan which make by a subcommittee.

Results HICS act as the leaders of care management such as Planning Increasing healthcare personal and capacity of operations– Logistics Full range of medical supplies and equipments were stored and easily accessible.

Operations (1) Management of patient flow and intensive care unit (ICU) beds. The overcrowding effect to patient outcome then the HICS committee limited 35 trauma patients/unit. There were 241–313 trauma patients. Injury organ were head (48.55%–51.03%), extremities (36.33%–41.97%). 8–10%(23–50) of patients were major trauma patients (ISS >15) and admitted at ICU. (2) Operative procedure were performed in 58–63% of trauma patients. Open Reduction and Internal Fixation was the highest procedure. (3) Day by day Conference to collect and manage problem and share data to public sectors.

Conclusion Implementation of HICS provides command and management of trauma patients during long holidays.

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