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Transport injury and road safety behaviours in a Thai national adult cohort
  1. K Stephan*,
  2. M Kelly,
  3. R McClure,
  4. S Seubsman,
  5. V Yiengprugsawan,
  6. C Bain,
  7. A Sleigh
  1. Correspondence Accident Research Centre, Building 70 Clayton Campus Monash University, Victoria 3800, Australia


Objectives To determine the baseline frequency and distribution of transport injury and prevalence of road safety behaviours in an ongoing cohort study of Thai adults.

Methods The Thai Health-Risk Transition Study includes an ongoing cohort study of 87 134 adult Open University students residing across Thailand. The baseline survey data collected in 2005 includes information on self-reported transport injury within the previous 12 months and demographic, behavioural and transportation factors that could be linked to Thailand's transport risks. Findings Overall, 7279 (8.4%) of respondents reported experiencing a transport related injury in the previous 12 months, with risk being higher for males and those aged 15–19 years. Most of the injuries occurred while using motorcycles. Approximately half of the male drivers reported driving after three or more glasses of alcohol at least once in the previous year, compared to 10% of female drivers. The prevalence of motorcycle helmet wearing and seat belt wearing were higher than previously reported for Thailand, however there is still much room for improvement.

Conclusions We found much higher rates of transport injury than previously estimated and revealed valuable information about the prevalence of various road safety behaviours. Our ongoing study provides an opportunity to monitor these risks and behaviours in the context of future road safety programs. These data make a valuable contribution to the available evidence from which Thai authorities can draw on to address transport injury, one of the major causes of individual and social burden of health.

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