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Activity in Safe Community Třebon
  1. M Lavickova*
  1. Correspondence Town Třeboň, Vrbče 94, 370 01 Česk Budějovice 370 01, Czech Republic


In November 2009 the town Třeboň was designated as the third Safe Community in the Czech Republic. The activity int he field of injury prevention and safety promotion has started in Třeboň in 2004. During this time period many useful tools, policies, projects and safe equipment were created. There are also preparing new strategies for effective injury control and prevention in the town. The poster represents the achievements and original approach in injury prevention from the perspective of being a medium size town with functioning multi-disciplinary professional group responsible for injury prevention and safety promotion. Activity with risk groups and injury remarkable groups (concerning all ages and environments) are stressed. There are also displayed statistic and demographic data. There is an endeavour to share the experience and to show a possible way in making a community safer.

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