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Family functionality in relation to children's injuries in the Czech Republic
  1. M Lavickova*,
  2. M Drbov,
  3. M Velemnsk,
  4. A Vitoov
  1. Correspondence Faculty of Health and Social Studies, Jrovcova 24, 370 04 Česk Budějovice 370 04, Czech Republic


Injury prevention is one of the most important goals of the Czech Republic related to the European Union membership. The basic postulate for appropriate prevention is identifying of the injury risks. From foreign researches is obvious that socioeconomic factors are influating the rate of injuries. As an answer to this theory a research concerning on the relation between family functionality and children injuries were worked out. The project is financially supported by Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic no. NS 9609-4/2008. The study is prospective and our poster will represent the results from the first year of project running. In the years 2009 and 2010 children injury data (the focus is on children between the age 0 and 18 years) and family functionality from medical institutions in the South of Bohemia where collected through the specific questionnaire. The identification is made not only in the group of children between the ages 0 and 18, but also particular children risk groups are being analysed.

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