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Drink or drunk: why do staff members at licensed premises continue to serve patrons to intoxication despite current laws and interventions?
  1. D Costello*,
  2. A J Robertson
  1. Correspondence Injury Control Council of Western Australia Inc, City West Lotteries House 2 Delhi Street West Perth, WA 6005, Australia


Background Alcohol is a major contributing cause of violence in Australia. Injury and damage from excessive alcohol consumption on single occurrences have been shown to generally cause more problems than long term alcohol dependence. In particular, licensed premises have been identified as locations that are especially high risk for alcohol-related intoxication and problem behaviours such as aggression and violence. Research carried out by Injury Control Council of Western Australia on community violence among young people indicated that perpetrators of violence regard the practice of serving to intoxication at licensed premises as a major contributing factor to violence.

Aims The drink or drunk project has been funded through the National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund. The project examines why staff at licensed premises continue to serve to intoxication despite current laws and interventions. The objectives of the study are to better understand why staff continue to serve to intoxication, examine factors that increase the probability of staff serving to intoxication and to identify new strategies to reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

Methods This project collected data from those with experience in working in licensed premises across both metropolitan and rural locations. Data was mostly collected through written, telephone and online surveys. The data has been analysed and the final report has recently been submitted to the funding agency.

Discussion It is envisaged that the findings and recommendations will play a key role in informing both enforcement and management practices around licensed venues, in order to make them safer places for staff and patrons.

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