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Study of gaps between precepts and practices in prevention of injuries and prehospital care among injury cases admitted to MSRMC Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
  1. P S Uthkarsh*
  1. Correspondence Department of Community Medicine, M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka 560054, India


Objectives (1) To identify the gaps between the precepts and practices of preventive measures and prehospital care among the injury cases admitted to M S Ramaiah (MSR) Hospital. Bangalore, India. (2) To find out expenditure incurred during hospital stay.

Study Setting MSR Hospital, Bangalore, India.

Study Population All injury cases admitted to MSR Hospital during the study period.

Study Design Cross Sectional.

Study Period 6 months to October 2008 to April 2009.

Methodology Data with respect to the socio demographic characters, preventive measures followed, prehospital care provided and the expenditure from the time of admission till discharge collected using pretested questionnaire by interviewing injury cases admitted to MSR Hospital during the study period.

Results Mean age of injured-35.3 years (SD=15.38). Among injuries 69.1% were road traffic accidents (RTA), 28.7% were falls and 2.2% were burns. Influence of alcohol was found in 14.4% of injuries. Among RTA Cases 48.5% had not followed sign board and 56.5% had not obeyed the one way rules, Nearly 73.6% of RTA cases were two wheeler users; 63.5% did not use helmet, 38% had two pillion riders. Whereas 57% of four wheeler users had not used seat belt. Among falls 58% occurred at home, 49% due to slippery surface. Only 26.4% had received first aid; 39% were aware of emergency number. Auto (66.1%) was the common mode of transportation to hospital from the site of injury. Nearly 33.9% had visited more than one hospital before reaching MSR Hospital. Median expenditure (in rupees) of hospital stay was 40 000.

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