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Childhood injury prevention and safe community development in Vietnam
  1. L T T Ngoc*
  1. Correspondence General Department of Preventive Medicine and Environment, MOH, Alley 135 Nui Truc, Ba Dinh, Hanoi city +844, Vietnam


Background In Vietnam, injury is increasing and becomes the leading causes of mortality among hospitalised cases. Recently, Injury prevention and Safe community development is a concerned duty.

Objective Injury prevention and Safe community development.

Design and subjects Collecting data from 63 provinces nationwide.

Results From 2005 to 2008, there were 25 childhood mortality cases per 100 000 children. Of which, there were 12 drowning cases, 6 traffic injury cases, 2 suicides and other causes such as poisoning, burning, falling, violence. In order to prevent childhood injury, Vietnam has implemented interventions especially safe community. Until 2008, 11 communes have designated as international safe communities and nearly 50 communes have designated as Vietnam safe communities.

Conclusion and recommendation Drowning and Road traffic injury are leading causes of injury mortality of children aged from 0 to 19 year old. Injury prevention and safe community development plays an important role in childhood injury prevention.

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