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A community based approach to traffic injury prevention
  1. L Cohen*,
  2. J Srikantharajah,
  3. J Cantor
  1. Correspondence Prevention Institute, 223 Oak Street Oakland, CA 94607, USA


Traffic injuries and deaths touch the lives of all people and remain a major health problem that requires renewed priority. There is currently a major opportunity in the US to shape traffic safety priorities for the next 5–10 years, as the federal transportation legislation, determining the largest federal expenditure for transportation overall is being re-authorised. Prevention Institute, working with key government, academic and community leaders across the US, has developed a unique analysis and recommendations for traffic safety priorities that will be shared in this session. These recommendations, published in, ‘A 21st Century Approach to Traffic Injury Prevention,’ a chapter of the book, ‘Healthy, Equitable Transportation Policy,’ are unique because they have the potential to substantially reduce rates of injury and death from traffic crashes and foster collaboration between diverse partners because they also support equity, environmental and chronic disease prevention goals. Developing cross-sectoral partnerships, united around strategies that achieve multiple health benefits will be important in integrating safety and health more centrally in transportation policies. Overarching goals supported by the strategies that will be shared include improving community infrastructure, ensuring safe and accessible alternatives to driving, and continuing to advance existing traffic safety successes. Success stories will be shared of how strategies can be tailored to fit specific community needs. These promising and evidence-based strategies were commissioned by the National Convergence Partnership, a group of US funders. Strategies were compiled and analysed from literature reviews, expert interviews and policy and research reports.

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