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How do fathers access child safety information?
  1. L Olsen*,
  2. M Brussoni,
  3. S Kruse
  1. Correspondence University of British Columbia, L408 - 4480 Oak St Vancouver, BC V6H 3V4, Canada


Introduction Injury is the leading cause of death for children over the age of one. Prevention methods such as providing parents with information injury risks and prevention strategies can be an effective way to help change risk behaviour and decrease the chance of an injury event.

Purpose To gain an understanding on father's behaviours in regard to accessing information on childhood safety.

Method Interviews for this qualitative study were carried out with fathers of children aged 2–7 years in British Columbia, Canada. Interview questions explored whether fathers were likely to access information on child safety issues; what type of information they were likely to search for; what types of resources they used or would like to use.

Results In total, 32 fathers were interviewed. Of the fathers that did look for information on child safety, most reported accessing the internet as a main resource for child safety. Many fathers reported issues around trusting sources and accessing quality information over the internet. Other common responses were pamphlets, community centres and consulting health experts.

Conclusion Fathers use specific portals of information to access information on child safety. In order to ensure that parents are suitably informed on prevention strategies, health professionals need to consider the role and use of the internet, the design of pamphlets and the use of language in the development of materials as well as the development of dissemination strategies.

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