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Addressing increasing robbery incidents on Nigerian highways
  1. C Obiemenyego*,
  2. C Ojugbana,
  3. K Olebunne,
  4. B Okonkwo,
  5. I Ikediashi
  1. Correspondence PATVORA Initiative, 24 Ojugbana Drive, Ezenei Avenue Box 505, Asaba, Delta State Nigeria, 23456, Nigeria


Media and police reports indicate that robbery incidents on the roads of Nigeria are common feature with many deaths and injuries occurring at such scenes. Most of these incidents occur at nights on isolated parts of the roads and sections where the roads are bad.

Objective This study focuses on robbery incidents arising from bad spots on highways and proffers solutions.

Method Crime reports of 1 year on robbery activities on Suleja-lambata and Bida-Mokwa, two carriage roads of 284 km were studied. Records were obtained from the police, 100 road users and 50 community members were interviewed.

Findings 32 robbery incidents were recorded in the period of study. 24 occurred at nights with bad road spots accounting for 80% of the incidents. Official total deaths recorded were 12, number of injuries was 48. However, 85% of road users interviewed agreed that injuries were highly under reported by about 200%. The study further revealed that 50% of bad road spots were left unattended for an average of 4 months with weak security no warning signs to road users.

Recommendations Bad road spots are attractive for robbery activities at nights. Deaths and injuries at such spots are high but very preventable. Retro reflective danger signs should be mounted on bad spots at nights, security should be enhanced, roads should be promptly repaired and drivers properly sensitised on road dangers at nights.

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