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Injury prevention in Islamic Republic of Iran – role of health sector
  1. M Haddadi*,
  2. G Masoumi
  1. Correspondence Ministry Of Health & Medical Education, No 1, Modir Alley, Satari Street, Africa Boulevard, Tehran 1968853113, Iran


Injuries are one of the most important challenges in public health with great socioeconomic burden especially in developing countries. In Islamic Republic of Iran, road traffic injuries are known as the first cause of burden and the second cause of death in all age groups. According to the 92 nd article of fourth national socio-economic and cultural developmental law, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education is responsible for immediate and free of charge medical coverage for road traffic victims referred to the hospitals and healthcare facilities. This law passed 2005. Financial resources for road traffic victims services are provided from vehicle insurance fees. It means that 10% of the compulsory third party insurance premiums are transferred to the ministry of health to compensate the costs related to medical care of the injured patients. Thus, road traffic injuries are no longer a cause of catastrophic medical care cost in our country. This might be a step towards accounting the social determinants of health because after passing this law, although the number of road traffic hospital admitted injured increased (from 550 714 to 718 000) but the number of road traffic death increased (from 22 918 to 23 362). This shows the role of health sector regarding better health equity and improved access.

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